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Introducing Jesse Kvarnstrom

By Tom Kosaka, September 15, 2015


I asked Jesse if he was a perfectionist. He explained he did consider himself a perfectionist to an extent, but understands that, “perfection is a slippery slope that it is inevitably a losing game. In many cases within life, perception is reality. What you think is perfection can be chaos for someone else. To try to be perfect in a world that isn’t black and white is a fight you can’t win.” Jesse appreciates his finished works prefect as well as the imperfect qualities because, “it all blends and creates the image, it creates the feeling I want you to feel for that image”. His work aims to let go of perfection and for his audience as well as him self, face reality.

When discussing his bodies of work, he told me that the majority of people feel his work is disgusting and creepy. He stated, “Society likes things packaged and wrapped up perfectly.” He explained that, “sure things that are pretty are easy to look at but the reality is even the prettiest of things are flawed, we try to hide these flaws, but they are real and should not be seen as disgusting or imperfect, rather expressed and shown for the well rounded subjects they are.”


I see the beauty in the details of life’s perfections and miss-perfections, I love the raw and gritty truth I see within the details of this world. Attention to detail of objects and subject matter allow me to show and work through my own thoughts and reconciles with this world.